Every day, a silent battle rages on as honeybees compete to see who can make the most delicious, flavorful honey, all in the hopes of winning our hearts and our taste buds!

Produced locally right in the heart of Michigan, without harsh pesticides and chemicals, Battle of the Bees Raw Garden Honey is unprocessed and lightly filtered to keep the naturally occurring pollen, wax and flavors that make raw honey so good.

Join the Battle today, and enjoy the sweet taste of victory just as the bees intended!

Which hive is Winning?

The Game: Every jar of honey purchased awards the hive that made is 5 points. Leave a review letting us know your favorite flavor, and give the hive 10 points.

Try them all today and help your favorite hive win the Battle of the Bees!





Who are we?

Located in Lansing, Michigan, Battle of the Bees is wholly owned and operated by Forward Vector, LLC.


Battle of the Bees


Lansing, Michigan, USA


Owned and operated by Forward Vector, LLC

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